In order to maintain a position as a successful enterprise, every company or organisation must attract, recruit and retain people of the highest calibre and provide them with an engaging working environment; one that generates commitment and encourages each person to pursue his or her professional and personal aspirations through his/her role in the organisation. The company’s human resources strategy must align with its business strategy in order for it to be successful and prosper.

Progressive human resource management requires effective recruitment and retention strategies, flexible employment practices, attractive career prospects and opportunities for professional and personal development in conjunction with a remuneration system that is fair and equitable. As an external agency, FJM HR Consultancy can support your business in accomplishing this in a way that is economical and effective.

Recruitment & Selection

It is universally accepted that recruiting the right people is a prerequisite to the success of any organisation whether in business or public administration. It is an activity that requires great care and attention using the most up to date methodologies to ensure the recruitment and retention of the best candidates. FJM HR Consultancy can advise and support your organisation in its recruitment and selection activity, including undertaking some or all of the following in conjunction with you or on your behalf:

  • Compiling Job Descriptions
  • Drafting Person Specifications
  • Identifying and Sourcing key staff
  • Drafting Job Advertisements
  • Shortlisting Candidates
  • Interviewing Candidates
  • Drafting Contracts of Employment; Fixed Term, Specified Purpose and of Indefinite Duration
  • Facilitating Staff Inductions

Human Resources Management

A positive productive relationship between the employer and employees will be achieved where both parties have a shared understanding of their respective roles, rights and responsibilities. A most effective way of achieving this harmonious relationship is by creating a framework of well-defined systems of work organisation with appropriate protocols for dealing with any matters of divergence that may arise and in creating a culture within which both parties discharge their respective obligations to each other to their mutual benefit.

The introduction of a staff handbook and the development and adoption, in a spirit of partnership, of a suite of human resources policies and procedures can be the formal manifestation of this commitment to mutual respect and obligation.

FJM HR Consultancy will work with your organisation and in circumstances where it is desirable, in partnership with trade unions and or employee representatives, in drafting a staff handbook and HR policies and procedures which will give effect to this objective.

We will also provide training and ongoing support for managers and staff in their understanding and implementation.

Human Resources Management Business Partner Support in:

  • Advising and supporting managers in employee related issues
  • Drafting a Staff Handbook
  • Drafting and Implementing Human Resource Policies and Procedures
  • Training managers and staff in the implementation of policies and procedures
  • Conducting Training Needs Analyses
  • Promoting and Managing Change

Employee / Industrial Relations

Relationships in the workplace, whether between individuals or between employer and employees, may, at times, become fractious resulting in negative consequences for the business.  FJM HR Consultancy can provide your organisation with a professional service in conflict resolution, whether through providing advice and support to managers in resolving disputes or in direct involvement in providing a mediation service or with representation in negotiations or in third party referrals whether for conciliation or arbitration in relation to:

  • Industrial Disputes
  • Managing Attendance
  • Resolving Grievances
  • Conducting Investigations
  • Handling Disciplinary Issues
  • Resolving Workplace Bullying & Harassment Claims
  • Dealing with Performance Issues
  • Managing Redundancies
  • Negotiating with Trade Unions
  • Other Industrial Relations Issues
  • Representation in Workplace Relations Commission Referrals
    • Conciliation
    • Facilitation
    • Mediation
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